The Village of West Haverstraw

Mutual Aid Coverage for Sections of West Haverstraw Due to Closure of Samsondale Bridge

It is proposed that the Samsondale Avenue Bridge will go out of service.  The closure of this bridge will mean that there will only be one functional railroad crossing within the Village of West Haverstraw.  The only remaining grade crossing will be at East Railroad Avenue.  Since this is a very active 3 track grade crossing, there is the possibility that the crossing could be blocked with train traffic or stoppages for extended periods.  In order to continue to provide a high level of response to the area east of the CSX rail lines, the Standard Response to the area by the West Haverstraw Fire Department will be modified.

To see the affected streets and addresses, please click the link below:

Mutual Aid Coverage for Sections of West Haverstraw due to the Extended Closure of the Samsondale Avenue Bridge in West Haverstraw.


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