Dancing Under the Stars

Dancing Under the Stars


Dancing Under the Stars was a big success!  The lively music, beautiful weather and twinkling string lights at the Garnerville Arts & Industrial Center brought our residents together for a fun night.  Everyone enjoyed food and drinks provided by local restaurants and dancing to the live band.

We thank everyone that came to the event but especially those who provided food, drinks and music for us:

  • Hush Electric
  • Industrial Arts Brewing Co.
  • La Fortina
  • The Filling Station
  • Hudson Mills
  • The Village of West Haverstraw’s Department of Public Works
  • The Town of Haverstraw’s Parks Department
  • Wayne Cobham – The Total Eclipse Band
  • John to Go – the porta john company

Mayor D’Amelio of the Village of West Haverstraw and Howard Phillips, the Superintendent of the Town of Haverstraw, spoke to everyone about upcoming events and also mentioned that the Garnerville Arts & Industrial Center has been listed on the National Register of Historic Places. 

This is the second year Dancing Under the Stars has been held at the Garnerville Arts & Industrial Center.  Packed with people and energy, the Garnerville Arts & Industrial Center is a great place for our event.  We are excited to see you all there next year!