A Minute with the Mayor

A Minute with the Mayor

First and foremost, I hope you and your family are well and in good health. Although the pandemic is not over and we are still facing many challenges, our community is resilient and pushing forward.  The Village Board and I are striving to provide more services at an affordable cost. We are continually working to generate additional revenue through state and federal grants, cost share agreements with utility companies and bringing in new tax revenue through new businesses.Desk Cropped Version

We are happy to announce two large infrastructure projects are currently under way with a completion set for early Spring 2022.  The Samsondale Streetscapes project is in its final phase. To date, all underground drainage and utility lines have been upgraded, utility poles have been relocated and lights have been upgraded to LED fixtures and the electrical service lines have been updated!   The final phase includes refurbishment of the entranceways off of Railroad Avenue and Route 9W, milling and paving of all roads in the complex, raised intersections to slow traffic down and a dedicated parking spot in front of each driveway!

Similar to the Samsondale Streetscapes project, the Hurd, Kinsman, Malone and Maple infrastructure project is a multi-year project which includes the replacement of all underground infrastructure.  We’ve worked in conjunction with the utility companies to upgrade underground main and service lines and secured funding for the replacement of stormwater drainage pipes. We anticipate the drainage to be completed in late fall and milling and paving of those roadways to take place in early Spring 2022.

Coordinating efforts with our utility companies takes additional time, but the benefit is a complete project from the ground up. As I have stated, and you may have heard, it is my goal to make the necessary improvements to ensure the Village’s aging infrastructure is sound.

As we enter into the holiday season and winter months, I’m asking you to have continued patience and to support our neighbors, family and friends. Let us remember how far we’ve come, and look ahead to a bright and positive rest of the year! Remember, I am here and if I can assist you in anyway, please reach out to me.

Robert R. D'Amelio