The Village of West Haverstraw

Department of Public Works

Department of Public Works
Village of West Haverstraw
Department of Public Works
132 Samsondale Avenue
West Haverstraw, NY 10993
Phone: 845-429-4460
Fax: 845-429-7581
DPW Office Staff
Jay Barry, Superintendent of Public Works
Linda Donnelly, Principal Clerk


The Department of Public Works (DPW) provides municipal services in environmental services and solid waste. Each service contributes in making Village streets and public spaces clean, safe, attractive and accessible.

The DPW performs a number of daily and seasonal operations including trash, bulk, recycling, e-waste and yard waste collection services, street cleaning, and park maintenance.

The mission of the DPW is to provide municipal services that are both ecologically sound and cost effective to our residents.

Our goal is to improve processes and procedures and ensure all equipment is available and operational for the services we provide to the community.


For any emergencies after 3:30 p.m., please call the Town of Haverstraw Police Department at 845-354-1500 to have personnel paged. This procedure is for emergencies only.


The DPW provides the essential, daily sanitation services our Village residents expect from their municipality. DPW’s sanitation services include the collection and removal of residential garbage, bulk trash, recycling, E-Waste and yard waste.

Our goal every day is to keep the Village clean and beautiful.


Properly prepared garbage containers and bulk items can be placed curbside for pickup any time after 6:00 p.m. the day before collection and before 7:00 a.m. the day of collection. You must return your empty containers to your property by 8:00 p.m. on collection day.

Bulk items, such as sofas, refrigerators, hot water heaters, mattresses and box springs, etc., should be neatly stacked or piled next to your regular garbage containers. Please be sure and separate metal items, such as refrigerators, washers, dryers and air conditioners, from all other bulk items. A weekly limit per household of two (2) cubic yards (6’ X 6’) of bulk will be strictly enforced.

Garbage/Bulk collection is done on Mondays for West Haverstraw residents, with the exception of a few Garnerville streets, and Tuesdays for Garnerville residents. If a Holiday falls on either collection day, collection will be done the following day.


* Discard in paper or plastic bags
* Place in tightly covered, watertight, galvanized iron or other non-rusting cans of not less than 10 but no more than 50 gallon capacity, with handles
* Do not fill can higher than 4” from the top
* Do not exceed 45 lbs in weight
* Do not allow garbage to become wet or frozen
* If loads are mixed with recyclable material, yard waste or not properly bagged in the can, they will not be picked up
* Missed garbage collection should be reported to us immediately. We will resolve within 24 hours.



* Adler Court
* Alice Street
* Benson Street
* Blauvelt Avenue
* Brownsell Avenue
* Brush Court
* Cameron Street
* Campbell Court
* Center Street (WH)
* Chapel Street
* Cosgrove Avenue
* Delloro Street
* Demarest Avenue
* E. Railroad Avenue
* Farley Drive
* Grace Avenue
* Grove Street
* Hillside Avenue
* Jackson Avenue
* Kennedy Drive
* Knox Street
* Kwiecinski Street
* Lafayette Avenue
* Mackey Court
* McLaughlin Avenue
* N. Wayne Avenue
* North Street
* Overlook Road
* Pecks Lane
* Peck Street
* Phelps Street
* Prospect Street
* Turner Drive
* Railroad Avenue
* Roosevelt Drive
* Samsondale Avenue
* Tanneyanns Lane
* Wayne Avenue
* W. Railroad Avenue


* Andrews Drive
* Barnes Drive
* Barnes Place
* Bloom Street
* Bridge Street
* Bronico Drive
* Capt. Shankey Dr.
* Capt. Shankey Ct.
* Caroline Street
* Centennial Drive
* Center Street (Garn)
* Central Highway
* Church Street
* Cinder Road
* Cross Street
* Dye Street
* Eakman Drive
* Harrison Street
* Heck Road
* Herdman Street
* Hester Place
* Hewitt Street
* High Street
* Hirsch Drive
* Hudson View Street
* Hurd Avenue
* Jones Drive
* Kaemmerlin Avenue
* Kinsman Lane
* Larkin Lane
* Louis Donato Drive
* Mackey Road
* Madison Avenue
* Main Street
* Malone Avenue
* Maple Avenue
* McGovern Drive
* Mead Drive
* Morton Street
* N. Central Highway
* Nardiello Drive
* Norris Street
* Oldfield Court
* Rakentine lane
* Ridge Street
* Rowan Drive
* Sand Street
* Seminara Circle
* Silvestro Way
* Stanley Road
* Tavarone Street
* Trimble Street
* Wall Street

RECYCLING SERVICES (Recycling is Mandatory)

Properly prepared recycling containers can be placed curbside for pickup any time after 6:00 p.m. the day before collection and before 7:00 a.m. the day of collection. Place your bin or can where you regularly leave your garbage containers for pickup. If you have lots of paper (phone books, office paper, mail, magazines and newspapers) put the overflow into brown paper grocery bags and set them beside your bin or can. You must remove your empty recycling containers from the curb by 8:00 p.m. on collection day.

For further information and details on recycling, please feel free to contact the Rockland County Solid Waste Authority at (845)753-2200 or on the web at

Residential Recycling

What Can I Recycle?

Recycling Bins – Recycling bins are free to Village residents and are available for pick up at the DPW Office, 132 Samsondale Avenue, during working hours.

Blue Bin – Paper & Cardboard Products

Green Bin – Cans, Glass, Bottles, etc.

Commercial Recycling

By law, recycling is required by commercial establishments. Please be advised that we do not offer recycling services to commercial establishments. The following are considered commercial establishments: Office Buildings, Churches, Retailers, Warehouses, Apartment Buildings with four or more units, Bars and Restaurants, Associations, Nonprofit Organizations, Public and Private Schools, and Service Companies. Every effort by your company to recycle will save landfill space and conserve natural resources, which will improve the environment and help to contain escalating costs of garbage disposal.Online Banner Medium


DPW collects yard waste from residences that already receive garbage and recycling collection services. Please note that yard waste consists of leaves, grass clippings, weeds, bulbs, twigs, brush, prunings, pine cones, and uprooted plants, as well as bundled branches and limbs. Household trash, renovation materials, rocks, bricks and dirt are not considered yard waste.

Yard waste should be placed in brown paper yard waste bags and folded closed. Do not staple or tape bags. Place the properly bagged leaves, grass clippings and tied branches and limbs where you regularly leave your garbage and recycling containers for pick up.

Helpful Tips

* Bags and bundles should weigh no more than 40 pounds. Bundles should be no more than four feet in length and tied with twine.
* Tree limbs (MUST be less than four feet long, and LESS than six inches in diameter)
* No stumps, lumber, rocks, dirt or sod, landscaping material, demolition debris or plastic is accepted as yard waste.
* If loads are mixed with debris other than yard waste, they will not be picked up.

Yard Waste Bags

Yard waste bags are free to Village residents and are available for pick up at the DPW Office, 132 Samsondale Avenue, between the hours of 7:00 a.m. and 3:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. There is a limit of one bundle per year.

Yard waste bags can also be purchased at your local hardware and grocery stores.


E-Waste is defined as electronic products at the end of their “useful life” cycle in need of disposal. NYS Electronic Equipment Recycling and Reuse Act prohibits these products from being placed in the trash. For your convenience, we offer E-Waste pick up the last Friday of each month. If a holiday falls on that Friday, we will pick up the prior Friday.

The following is a list of items considered as E-Waste:

• Televisions (including cathode ray tubes)
• Computers
• Computer peripherals (i.e. monitors, keyboards, mice, fax machines, document scanners, and printers; including cable, cord or wiring incorporated into such product)
• Small electronic equipment (VCRs, DVD recorders and players, portable digital music players, digital converter boxes, cable or satellite receivers, electronic or video game consoles)
• Small scale servers

You may bring your own electronics to the Household Hazardous Waste Drop-off Facility located on Firemen’s Memorial Drive, Pomona, (845) 364-2444.


​Although the Village of West Haverstraw and the surrounding government agencies work very hard to keep our roadways clear of any defects or debris, they do sometimes occur.  If you would like to report a road surface condition such as a pothole, debris, manhole cover damage, etc., forward your complaint to the appropriate government agency listed below:

Local village roads contact:

West Haverstraw Department of Public Works – 845-429-4460

County or state roads contact:

Rockland County Highway Department – 845-638-5060

NYS DOT – 845-634-4661

Please make sure to mention the name of the road and the exact location of the issue.  You may be asked to submit your complaint in writing to any one of the above agencies.

If you are unsure which agency handles a particular roadway, feel free to contact the West Haverstraw Department of Public Works at (845) 429-4460.


The Village observes 12 days for holidays.  On these holidays, Village offices are closed and services are suspended for the day. Unless informed of a schedule change, residents can expect that there is no garbage/bulk, recycling, yard waste or E-Waste collection, and no street cleaning on these days.  Typically, all services resume the following business day.

For instance, if your normal garbage/bulk collection day is Monday and the holiday falls on a Monday, then your services will resume on Tuesday; Tuesday’s collection will be picked up on Wednesday; Wednesday’s collection on Thursday, and so on.

The list of observed holidays for 2019 is as follows:

* January 1, Tuesday –   New Year’s Day
* January 21, Monday – Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
* February 18, Monday – President’s Day

* May 24, Friday (1/2 Day) – Memorial Day
* May 27, Monday – Memorial Day
* July 4, Thursday – Independence Day

* September 2, Monday – Labor Day
* October 14, Monday – Columbus Day
* November 5, Tuesday – Election Day

* November 11, Monday – Veterans Day
* November 28 & 29 – Thanksgiving Day
* December 25, Wednesday – Christmas Day

When a holiday falls on Saturday, the holiday is observed on the Friday before.  When a holiday falls on a Sunday, the holiday is observed on the following Monday.


DPW removes dead animals from PUBLIC SPACE ONLY, generally within 24 hours of receiving the request. To process a request, we need to know the type of animal and the exact location.


Our Village homeowners often hire expensive arborists to decide whether a tree needs to be removed on their property. An alternative is to contact Cornell Cooperative Extension. If you bring them a sample of branches, they will evaluate your tree’s condition for a small fee (approximately $7). Please contact the Extension for additional information.


The Village sweeps nearly 18.74 miles of Village streets twice weekly. If at all possible, the Village will sweep three days a week or on an “as needed” basis. The street-sweeper operates by spreading a thin layer of water under the rotating brushes before sweeping debris into a large hopper under the machine. To prevent potentially icy conditions, street cleaning is temporarily suspended each winter, when temperatures traditionally drop below freezing.


The Department of Public Works has curbside tire pick up on Fridays. There is a $5.00 fee for each tire and must be paid at the Village Clerk’s office prior to the scheduled tire pick up. Once the fee and the information required is received, you will be scheduled for the following Friday for pick up. To process a request we’ll need your name, daytime phone number, complete address, and the number of tires.


The DPW begins planning for winter weather months well in advance. Equipment must be serviced, vehicles inspected and supplies ordered to ensure readiness for the first flake – or the first icy downpour of freezing rain.

We have developed mobilization plans for winter weather events ranging in severity from a light snowfall to a full-blown blizzard. Each response plan will vary somewhat according to the weather forecast and changes in temperature, which we continually monitor so there are no surprises. Other factors include the severity, length and number of successive storms. Our team is available and ready for whatever hits.

As in other municipalities, public safety determines the priority for snow removal in the Village. Clearing and salting efforts focus first on major roads. Streets that are narrow, steep or shaded receive special attention, as do those streets scheduled for collection services. Please be patient and allow sufficient time for snow operations to be implemented. Your safety and well-being are our highest concern.

The DPW is committed to rapid completion of plowing and salting along major roads and residential streets, which in turn means more rapid return of normal traffic flow and earlier resumption of collection services.


Once spring has arrived, the Village of West Haverstraw Department of Public Works will be attending to any damage that may have been caused by our equipment over the winter months.

We will start by making repairs to damaged roads and berms, and then will be moving to lawn areas, fences, retaining walls, etc. Our intention is to move rapidly and complete these tasks within a minimal amount of time.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to call our office at any time. We are here to help and would be more than happy to assist you with your public work’s needs.

Your patience is greatly appreciated!