Village Treasurer and Tax Collector

Village Treasurer and Tax Collector

The Village Treasurer administers the financial responsibilities for West Haverstraw, including budget preparation and monitoring, procurement, voucher payments, fiscal reporting, and grants. The Treasurer also serves as Tax Collector. The Village adopts its annual budget in April for the June tax collection.

Adopted Budget 2021-2022

Recognizing an overlap of services between the Town and Village and an opportunity to cut costs, West Haverstraw ended its status as an assessing unit in 2002. Since then, the Town of Haverstraw has prepared property valuations for Village parcels that are then used to prepare our tax bills.

The Town’s assessment calendar, as indicated on their website, is as follows:

March 1 – Taxable Status Day

Properties are valued according to the state or “status” of the property as of this date.

May 1 – Tentative Roll Filed

A Tentative listing of the new roll’s assessments are compiled and published.

4th Tuesday in May – Grievance Day

Any party wishing to contest the tentative assessment may appear before the Board of Assessment Review on this date.

July 1 – Valuation Day – Final Roll Published

All calculated property assessments are finalized and used for the September school bill, and the January County and Town bill and the June Village tax bill in the next calendar year.

For example, the roll published in July 2018 is not used until June 2019 for Village tax preparation because of the legal requirements involved in the notification and grievance processes.

There are several exemptions available to Village taxpayers. The Town processes exemption applications beginning on January 1 and ending on March 1. Information about these exemptions, including the STAR program, is available by calling the Assessor’s Office at 845-942-3717.

Village Treasurer – Catherine B. Kopf
Deputy Village Treasurer – Laura Bidewy-Zitofsky