The Village of West Haverstraw

Overnight Parking Ban Lifted

Mayor Robert R. D’Amelio and the West Haverstraw Village Board have decided that it is in the best interest of our Village residents to remove the Village Overnight Parking Ban.  Vehicles will now be allowed to remain overnight on any public highway or street within the Village of West Haverstraw throughout the entire year, except as otherwise prohibited by the Village Code, and except when snow accumulates more than two inches.  In the event of accumulation of snow over 2 inches, the Village will go into a “Snow Emergency” in which ALL vehicles must be moved off of the streets for the entire snow period regardless of the time of day. A courtesy notification will be sent via CodeRed, the Village of West Haverstraw website and WHUD; however, it will be the resident’s responsibility to be aware of the weather forecast and remove ALL vehicles from roadways until the snow has ended and the roadways have been cleared.  Vehicles that remain on Village streets during the “Snow Emergency” period will be subject to ticketing and towing at the owner’s sole cost and expense.